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    Blow away your local limits and reach Global clients!

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    Grow and manage your income streams

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    Build, curate & interact with your own community

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Why Spyn ?

Spyn does what they do, but better…

Spyn is a one-stop shop to power your business.

Everything from a client marketplace to a smooth platform to build live & on-demand classes, programs, and challenges for your clients. And, you can invoice and take payments too!

But Spyn does more…

Spyn can do what other platforms can't.

Spyn lets you create an interactive community of encouragement and positivity! Use emojis & comments that you and your classes can use to engage and support each other's journey - Powered only by Spyn!

and even more…

Spyn is intelligent!

Run your classes while catching z's, grabbing coffee, doing your thing...

Spyn can provide custom real-time feedback so your clients won't lose an ounce of you. Add revenue streams as you live and work from anywhere! - Powered only by Spyn!


Go Live!

  • Live group or 1:1 sessions
  • High quality video and audio
  • Stream premium music directly
  • Record live sessions for on-demand use

Reimagine Your Content

Set It And Forget It

Can't run your usual live class? No problem. Let your recording from last month run the class for you today.

Live Sessions For All

Assign live sessions to pre-made programs, memberships, or individuals.

Create new revenue

Customized memberships and programs that appeal to your clients. Your content, your way


Curate Custom Content

Upload your own content OR use one of Spyn's pre-loaded exercises to create custom workouts for groups or single clients in just a few clicks!


Set it and forget it withSpyn

You are busy, we get it. With Spyn you can quickly set up workouts anytime with our library of exercises. Spyn intelligence can launch the workout, score clients with your metrics and provide real-time feedback to them. All without you online at all! When you wish, you can review completed client sessions and personalize your feedback.

run business

Grow your business anytime and from anywhere

Your local clients love you! You have built a sense of community and trust with them. Now with Spyn, it's time to take all that and showcase it to the world! Spyn can take you there, but also make it easy to manage with simple dashboards, as well as business tools, such as invoicing and payments. Global just became your local!

Client Engagement and Community

Client Engagement and Community

Grow engagement as you develop a deeper understanding of client needs. Have fun with in-app messaging and interactions, and use Spyn intelligence to enhance relationships and add greater value to your clients.

Unified Scheduling

Unified Scheduling

Close the gap between in-person and online worlds by managing client and trainer calendars in one place. Optimize your day with Spyn by presetting Spyn classes, in app programs and challenges and even your live classes well in advance.

Invoice and Payment

Invoice and Payment

Keep track of your business revenue all in one place. Manage billing, receiving and collection of payments through Stripe. Simplify the bookkeeping process and make completing time-consuming tasks easier for yourself.



Use our analytics dashboard to make informed decisions about your business. Put your business on autopilot—we’ll run your business for you so you can focus on your customers.

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We get paid when you get paid

Set up a studio today for no cost and experience the magic of Spyn with a few clients. Then, when you are ready to scale, we will grow together.*

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  • listCustom Content Creation
  • listAI-Guided Workouts
  • listMulti-Week Programs
  • listCreate On-Demand Library
  • listClient Scheduling
  • listPayment Management
  • listIn-App Communication
  • listLive Video & Audio Classes
  • listPremium Music
  • listAI-Driven Analytics
  • listRecord Live Classes
  • listSchedule Recorded Classes

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